Acquisition Searches

Where do you start? Contact us for more information.

By now you have probably browsed the numerous sites that have business listings.  Have you noticed that 99% of those listings are not germane to your search?  Our Group focuses your search, presenting you with opportunities that meet your investment criteria by asking you the right questions before the search even begins.

How do you know if it is the right opportunity for you?

After a business opportunity is identified, the industry trends and statistics and the company’s financials are thoroughly investigated.  Risks and opportunities are exposed.  A business valuation is conducted to determine fair market value.

It looks like a good opportunity, now what?

We arrange the meetings, draft the offer to purchase and guide you through to negotiation process, arrange the due diligence and assist in obtaining financing and closing the transaction.

Bottom Line; you cannot afford not to use The Watchmen Business Group.